So you’ve got to the top, but you’re feeling disengaged from your team. Have you ever considered that this is a matter of your team’s perception of your role and actions?

As a leader, people will inevitably look at you in a different light. Your actions will be scrutinised, and will impact upon every single person in your organisation.

eerie surreal forest with man walkingUnderstanding how your role as a leader affects your team could be the key to ensuring you’re all working together to get the best possible results.  Here are three tips to ensure that you don’t give your team nightmares…

–          Ensure that your staff know why they’ve been asked to undertake a task. What you see as massively important to the business that day could seem relatively minor to them, which can mean that they put far less effort into it, whilst questioning your competence. By explaining why they’re doing the task, and how it could benefit the company, you’ll put them on the same knowledge level as you.

–          Don’t get carried away. Whilst you might work in a creative manner, and need to get your ideas out there, your staff might not. Asking staff to stop what they’re doing and talk through your idea can hinder their work flow, and mess up schedules.

–          Make a decision and stick to it. Always think about the impact your requests can have on your organisation, in terms of time and morale. Chopping and changing can be highly frustrating, and can make your employees feel like they’ve wasted time.

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