Alan Denton speaks with Jonathan Cameron

Jonathan Cameron works for executive recruitment company Brattle Cameron Limited. Based in London, Brattle Cameron is a specialist executive search firm focused on the corporate market, providing bespoke solutions to clients operating across the real estate and financial services sectors, working closely with global institutions as well as small, highly specialised platforms (

 Jonathan first met Alan Denton of The Results Centre ( when he facilitated a team event held by his previous employer.

What follows are Jonathan’s thoughts on how coaching with Alan Denton from The Results Centre has helped to build his self-confidence and relationships with both staff and clients.

case-study-jonathan-cameron-on-the-benfits-of-coaching-29“I first met Alan when he came to assist at an event at my previous company, Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI).  I joined JCI to lead the Real Estate consultancy business in Europe.  Soon after joining, JCI acquired another business and the event was designed to bring together two disengaged teams.  With diverse business cultures coming together, a new structure was needed so people could work more productively and improve communication.  The event was a success as it created outcomes – whilst some people chose to leave as a result, others stayed, became more positive, focused and ultimately more engaged in the business

After the company acquisition I found myself considering my options.  I approached Alan regarding coaching to help explore new opportunities and his coaching helped me to review those opportunities and pushed me to act more quickly than if I had been left to my own devices.

As a result of the coaching I gained more confidence and the ability to think differently about what my future would be like.  It gave me the opportunity to talk with someone who was impartial, whom I had trust in and who gave me confidence to challenge myself, pushing me into something that I would not have otherwise done.

As a result of Alan’s coaching I left the real estate business and moved into a new leadership role in JCI, challenging myself in a much more uncomfortable world.  I was excited by the prospect of positioning myself as a leader to manage a large team in a new area that was having a very difficult time in the current market.

Coaching with Alan was a successful investment (financially and in terms of time) and improved relationships both for me with my team members, as well as for the team with their clients; overall it created stronger relationships, trust and confidence.”