Statistics from the corporate world show extreme discontent with standards of recruitment. 58% of the highest-priority hires, new executives hired from the outside, fail in their new position within 18 months, whilst 46% of new hires leave their jobs within the first year (Source: eBullpen, LLC) and 50% of current employees are actively seeking or are planning to seek a new job (Source: Deloitte). Therefore, it has become highly important to put measures into place that prevent failure within recruitment.

Hurricane Sandy destructionCompanies often make the assumption that because they have recruited an experience and talented executive, they will know what to do in a new role, and will easily handle its challenges.

It is vital for businesses to provide strong induction programmes at all business levels, whilst the new recruit must ensure that they start the induction with a well -structured plan of what they should aim to achieve in these first 101 days.

The individual recruit can often fail because they think that the first 101 days are about delivering strong results, when realistically their role should be about getting to grips with the new organisation by considering its culture and ways of working. This is where most new recruits fail, as they do not have the basic foundation of the company to work from.

New recruits can also spend too little time and effort in developing good relationships within the organisation, instead placing focus on ‘looking good’ by creating good short term results. By developing these relationships, a recruit will become integrated into the organisation, and understand its needs.

The best organisations will approach new appointments with a view to giving supportive coaching and mentoring, in order to ensure the best long term results, and with this, guaranteeing that the recruit does not fail through lack of support and knowledge.

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