Fear is a choice. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not something you have to suffer and do nothing about – it can be embraced and directed towards achieving amazing results!

Do you ever find that fear holds you back when making an important, perhaps even business-breaking decision?

Do you find fear preventing you from going after that big contract, making that call or leaving you speechless at that big meeting?

At The Results Centre we are always helping business leaders to challenge their inner chicken. What is it we are actually afraid of? Of course, there is fear of physical danger; falling from a great height or being threatened. Such fears are understandable, and represent a reaction we would be lost without. But the fear in question is the one we construct in our mind – the fear of failure, the fear of looking foolish, the fear of fear itself.

If you think of the amazing achievements you have accomplished in your life – we’d bet all of them were completed from a position of some fear, uncertainty and risk.

So what should you remember before you tackle your fears and unlock your true potential?

  1. Give your fear a name. Instead of thinking of your fear in generalised terms, sit and write down what you’re afraid of. By putting it into words, your brain will immediately begin to come up with alternative solutions or plans to combat the fear.
  1. Take a deep breath. Whilst you undoubtedly should confront your fears, it’s always best to leave a little time to think through the best course of action. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that any decision made on a whim will most probably not benefit you as much in the long run as one that has been well considered. But don’t think for too long – this will leave you in over analysis land!
  1. Don’t step outside of the box, make it bigger. Staying with what is familiar will only get you as far as you’ve always been able to get. Seek out opportunities to make your own box bigger; take risks and stretch yourself and you’ll be open to stronger results than ever before.
  1. Fear is chemical. Although fear evolved to keep us safe, remember that fear is really just some chemicals flooding your brain following the introduction of a stimulus. If you are in a situation where such a stimulus has been introduced, just remember that those chemicals can’t judge what you’re afraid of, only you can.

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