In your work as a leader it often falls upon you to make the toughest decisions and bear the brunt of any challenges to the business. Here are three characteristics that the strongest leaders display…

  1. The ability to accept blame – the toughest leaders are able to accept blame rather than looking for a scapegoat. By accepting blame, you are able to consider what happened, move on and work towards a solution instead of focussing on who made it happen.labyrinth-300x225
  2. The ability to accept failure – Failure is not something to spend time dwelling on; at some point in life you are going to face failure. The question is not how to avoid failing, but how to move forward from that failure to create success.
  3. Finding solutions – the ability to use creative and aggressive thinking to find a solution is a key attribute of a good leader. By thinking in a way that no other member of the team is able to, you can find solutions to the most complex of problems.

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