Why Employee Engagement matters!

To echo the iconic question posed by Shakespeare’s tragic figure Hamlet – Are our strategies, policies and people development enhancing the engagement of our employees and why we should care if they are not?

On a recent trip to a home entertainer retailer I was so impressed with the service received that I got talking to the Store Employees to find out their secret. The over arching theme was Employee Engagement. “Every day we look forward to coming to work and know that if we give our best then the company will reward us” was the general theme from the staff.

So what are the 5 top engagement drivers that this company adopts to get it so right?

  1. Leadership

Our senior managers guide us and listen to our ideas for the running of the store. We have a framework on how we manage the but are empowered to change these to suit our customers, products, etc. We know that our leaders have to sometimes make decisions that are not always popular to our staff but the difference is that they explain why and encourage us to have an input.

  1. Brand

We have a real pride in our brand. We live our company values — customer service and communication — we are encouraged to try out innovative ideas and if they don’t work out it is seen as a learning opportunity not as a failure. 

  1. Personal Performance

We are rewarded for our performance through incentives, etc., and everyone has the opportunity for personal and professional development. Career progression is there for those who want it.

  1. Social responsibility

Our organisation has a reputation for social responsibility practices and we are encouraged to support the companies named charity or charities of our choice. All of us have company time to get involved and not only are we supporting and raising money for good causes we feel part of the wider team.

  1. Work life balance

Our Leaders are genuinely interested in our well being and our environment is both safe and secure. Work life balance is an important part of our reviews with our senior managers and we feel valued by them and the company.

Engaged employees are more motivated to take care of customers and clients, they are supportive of change and innovation and are more productive. All this is influenced by how they are led and managed.

How competitive we remain and how much we exceed our results will be governed by the importance which we place on our engagement drivers within the overall company strategy and its policies and practices.

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