Not all leaders are charismatic but a great leader needs to have a powerful presence and having charisma certainly helps. Alan Denton is a business coach, working with executives in all fields to help them findi their inner leader; here are his tips to become a more charismatic leader in the work place.

Be passionate and prepared- before any meeting or presentation, make sure you really know your subject. Nothing looks worse than someone trying to remember their lines or someone not having anything to say. Know what issues you are going to discuss and use your background research to passionately talk about the subject without sounding scripted.

Adjust your body language – take note of your current body language; are you standing straight, smiling and making eye contact with the people you speak with? If you’re not doing so already, start making these changes today and you will notice a more positive response from your colleagues.

what-makes-a-leader-charismatic-21Give real feedback- how many times do you simply say thank you or that’s great to colleagues? Next time you go to say it, try giving some genuine feedback. You will find that your engagement levels with staff will increase and over time team members will feel more value

Be approachable– A great leader will be able to truly connect with other people.  Whilst it’s important to remain professional, it is human emotions, whether humour, empathy or passion that makes a leader great.