It’s great to be offered a new and hopefully exciting role.  But the reality can be very different.

It is important to sit down and consider what you will need to know during your first 101 days in the company. It is vital that you take this time to note down your thoughts, and refer back to them to check your progress after starting your role. Here is a template of things to consider before you begin.


What are the outcomes the key stakeholders want me to achieve in my first 101 days? What are the specific bottom line business results?

You should already have some answers to this question after going through the recruitment process. Now you should make a note of what was said at the interviews, what specific outcomes, and what are the ‘must delivers’?

Ask yourself about your experience at interview, and note down any attitude or culture clues you picked up, along with any mentions of key stakeholders, suppliers, or customers.

Do you have any past experience of your new employer? What image have they got, what is in the press, what does their website and PR say? Find out what is important to them.

On day one, make sure you have prepared to listen, but also to bring your own views and impressions.


The Stretch Outcomes I want to achieve for myself, above and beyond those stated above are? Including specific bottom-line business results?

Think about what you have delivered in the Stretch environment in the past. What was happening, what were you doing and how did you go about delivering real stretch results?


Consider how best to make breakthrough change rather than incremental change. Breakthrough change can be achieved by being aware of the past, but not constrained by it and by considering the future of the business through a forward looking perspective. Do not be afraid to consider the possibility of gaining results by doing something you have no real experience in, as this is how change occurs.

 Be successful - Success vs Failure

What will you have learned factually about the new business you are in by the end of the 101 First Days?

 Determine the facts you think you will need to know by creating a list of questions for you to look back on throughout the process. This checklist could include: who you need to know, what the key measures you will need to know, and what measures or KPI’s will be applied to you in your new role?



How will you have immersed yourself in the new culture in the business?

 To do this, ask yourself questions about your previous experiences and how they can influence your immersion into the culture of your new business. Some key questions are:

How would I describe the culture in my current organisation?

What other cultural experiences have I had in other organisations?

What were the differences and how did I identify them?

What have I learnt from these experiences and how might I apply these to new challenge ahead?

What do I know about the culture I’m about to enter? What clues have I picked up so far and how might I use these?

What differences do I see in this new culture and how might I overcome them?


What will you bring to this new organisation that is unique, dynamic and ‘unputdownable’? 

 Even though you have made it through the recruitment process, it is crucial to think about what made you employer think you would be best for the role, and ensure that these qualities are obvious within your work. Ask yourself:

What are your key strengths?

What is it you bring to the party that others don’t?

What examples of amazing breakthroughs can you list from your past leadership positions?

What was it your new employer was buying when they bought you?


How will you have engaged and enrolled your team, the wider team above and below you in the organisation?

 Write down what you think enrolment and engagement means to you and how you might go about doing this? Again what experiences have you had of this in the past – list your greatest successes.


What impact will your team be making?

 Again reflect on what teams you have led or been part of:

What made them great teams? What do you think are the attributes of a great team?

What made the team leader a great leader?

What amazing results did they achieve and how did they do this?


What will relationships look and feel like around you by the end of the First 101 Days?

 Relationships will be the key to your success in your new role, so try to consider how you want to build strong relationships.


What will communication look, sound and feel like around you during and after your First 101 Days?

 Think about how communication can impact business, and place emphasis on how you want your work environment to be. Ask yourself what is the best environment you’ve experienced for brilliant communication, and how it differed from other places. Draw up a plan to replicate this experience.


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