We all want to excel at our jobs, become the best leader we can be for our teams, and produce the strongest results.

Whilst there is no simple formula for doing so, there are several traits which we see time and time again in the most effective leaders. Consider your performance in these key areas in order to enhance your leadership potential…


leading-300x186People are naturally more willing to be led by someone with confidence in their own ability. If you act insecurely and unassertively, your co-workers cannot be expected to follow you.

Increasing self-confidence will have a knock on effect on perceived strength, so when reflecting on your capabilities, focus on your positive qualities, and consider your past successes instead of failures. This is ultimately more productive, and your co-workers will see you as a stronger leader because of this ability to move forward.


An enthusiasm about your work is infectious and will entice others into your way of thinking, whether they be potential clients, team members, or other executives within the business. Ultimately, people are far more likely to follow someone who is passionate about what they do.

Having a passion for work will mean that you become more knowledgeable, ensuring that you are the one that others look to for help and leadership.


The best leaders are those with altruistic qualities – those who can be selfless and maintain an interest in the achievements of a team, rather than focussing on their own goals to the detriment of others.

Positive attitude

A positive attitude means that you will think in terms of solutions instead of problems, and inspire a can-do atmosphere in your team. This will encourage the taking of measured risks, allowing your business to innovate and move forward.

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