New research has shown that a level of ‘disequilibrium’ in the workplace leads to innovation, creativity and new levels of resourcefulness. It’s been suggested that this organised chaos turns average leaders into pioneers, creating new opportunities in the world of leadership.

organised-chaos-cropSo how should you cultivate this environment and make it work to your advantage?

–          Make sure you’re constantly questioning how things are done within your company. Try to provide a new perspective on things, allowing yourself and others to develop.

–          Challenge your organisation. Ask yourself which aspects work well, and which do not, and act upon this information, even if this means drastic upheaval.

–          Defy the status quo by searching for challenges with no obvious solution. Doing so can create brand new ways of working.

–           Ensure that you keep a level of balance; both stability and instability can foster a culture with a lack of productivity

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