With modern technology enabling leaders to communicate and work from anywhere in the world and at any time, travel time is no longer down time. We can now send and receive files, access work databases and participate in conference or video meetings, so how can you ensure that you work effectively whilst on the go?

businessman in airport and airplane in skyKeep others in the loop – Create a schedule that your staff will have access to; outline when you are working, when you won’t be available, and how to reach you. Plan key deadlines and meetings in advance, allowing those who rely on you to stay on top of their own jobs, whilst also ensuring that you stay engaged with what is happening in the office.

Stay in control – Keep disciplined in your work; it is easy to let an unfamiliar environment distract you from completing what needs to be done. Ensure that you set your objectives for each day, and review them as the day closes as you would if you were in the office. Further to this, make sure that you are as available and responsive as you would be throughout an average working day.

Be tech-savvy – Using technology that is not secured to one location has the potential to be problematic, losing you both time and money. Keep a list of people that are able to help you in the event of a technical emergency – just remember not to keep it on your laptop! Always use backup drives and extended hard drives, and print your work so you always have that hard copy to hand. Further to this, all you can do is make a plan for what work you can do whilst you’re offline.

Enjoy the space – sometimes a journey can be a great time to get away from all.  Use the space away from the office to day dream in a constructive way.  Think through problems, come up with big and bold solutions.  Use the time to develop thoughts that you might not get the chance to otherwise because of distractions and interruptions.

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