Sometimes the limitations we set for ourselves are the hardest to overcome; we decide that something will not work, or that our colleagues will judge our actions negatively. However, in order to get the best results, we need to let go of these limitations and be open to giving those big ideas a go.

Sticky Note Possible Not ImpossibleSet the right goals – thinking big does not necessarily mean setting overly ambitious goals to propel your business forward. Setting unrealistic goals adds extra pressure, and will never end satisfactorily. Set a new goal that is actually attainable, and do your best to meet it. This goal should be something you’ve been scared to try before – you never know, it could just work for you.

Create a strong team – make sure the team you have around you is not one of ‘yes men’. Strike a balance of personalities and different types of workers, allowing for both support and innovation. These colleagues will think about things in a different way to you, creating an environment that is open, honest and full of new ideas.

Be the person that invites help – ultimately, other people create our success. Understand that the biggest projects can’t be managed on your own, no matter how much effort and time you put behind them. Other people will become advocates for your company, whether they work for you, or you’re working for them. Think about how you can involve other people, and make sure you always fulfil your commitments to these people, as they can make or break you.

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