As success builds in your company, what started as well placed confidence in your own idea and abilities can easily be overwhelmed by your ego – you can easily start to think that you have all the right answers. By acknowledging that this attitude is detrimental to your working relationships, and that your employees might just have ideas worth listening to, you can guarantee better results in the long run. So how can you ensure that your employees feel free to contribute?Team Of Business People Working Together On A Laptop

  1. Take time to listen – It can be easy to listen to an employee’s ideas whilst not giving them full consideration. Remember that you could miss out on the results you want by not listening to an idea properly, thus cutting it off before it has time to come to fruition.
  2. Request input from the whole team – as a collective, your team can come up with a wider variety of strong ideas than you can alone. Create a culture that encourages employees from all levels of the business to put across their ideas in order to ensure constant innovation.
  3. Focus on your emotional intelligence – whilst it’s clear that your business intelligence has probably got you to the position you are in today, many leaders fail to focus on developing their emotional intelligence at the same time. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand your own emotions and those of others, and use this understanding to gain the best results. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes and you will be surprised what you can learn about your business.

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