Whether it be in a conference or a team briefing, as a leader you will undoubtedly have to address a full room at some point in the working week. Nerves can overcome the best of us and it can be a daunting prospect, but it is one that all leaders should learn to overcome. Follow these tips to shake your public speaking fears…

SpokesmanPractice in conversation – In your day to day conversations, make yourself aware of things like eye contact and body language. Consider at what times these actions were appropriate, and think about how you can incorporate them into your next presentation.

Get the right balance of eye contact – Despite people suggesting that looking just over someone’s head gives the same effect as making eye contact, this can actually be quite disconcerting for the audience. Try making eye contact with three people in one sentence, look to the back wall for the next four, then onto your presentation slides or flip chart.

Don’t hide behind a podium – People are hugely influenced by body language, and standing behind a podium inhibits your ability to connect, influence, and engage with the audience. Subconsciously, people are more trusting of someone that they can fully see. Further to this, a podium physically separates you from your audience.

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